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About my Collars

I have been making collars for my online business, BleakHound Design, since 2008.  I have spent much time getting the design completely right and in sourcing the quality furnishings, fabrics and trims that adorn my collars.  For me, it is not just about selling a collar, although that is important.  It is about offering something that is different and that looks good.


All my collars are road tested by my own gang.  They take a lot of abuse. My current gang consists of a whippet and two Jack Russell Terriers.  There is plenty of running, snagging in brambles, branches etc.  And in the case of one little terrier, who is the filthiest of the lot.  Trips throigh all the mud he can find.  Adventures through reed beds and on recall always via the dirtiest route possible.  Despite all this their collars look good and last.


All my collars have a base of polypropylene webbing which is then lined with the satin ribbon or cotton. The collar is then adorned with either an attractive cotton or a jacquard/grosgrain ribbon.  Depending on what you choose.  In the case of my Tweed Collars these are 100% wool unless otherwise stated.


Then comes the important part the furnishings.  I stock and use four furnishings:  Acetal. Nickel Plate, Solid Brass and Stainless Steel.  All furnishings are cast with the exception of the "D' rings in the nickel plate and stainless steel.  


When sewing your collar there are always many layers of stitching at the stress points.


The life of the collar you choose really does depend on you.  All collars will wear with use and it is recommended that you check your collars regularly.  With correct use and care your collar will last for years but do not expect this if your collar is hammered!


All collars are machine washable on a gentle cycle unless otherwise stated.  Please refer to the Care Advice Page for full advice or please ask.  Please note that nickel plated collars are plated over steel and over time with repeated washing will rust.  No biologocal detergents or bleaching agents should be used as these will ruin your collar.