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Where I Sell

If you have got this far you have found the genuine site of BleakHounds Design owned and run by Jackie Gunn and operating since 2008.  


In today's world theft of design and copyright is rife and it is important for you the buyer that you know where I sell so that you can obtain the best merchandise, price and service.  I only sell items designed and made by me and these are only sold via this Website, Ebay using the name BleakHoundsDesign, Etsy using the name bleakhounds and by attending shows.  I do not, to my knowledge, make for another business to resell.  This is against everything I believe in.


If, by chance, you happen to purchase an item made by BleakHounds Design that is not purchased from one of the above it is not a genuine BleakHounds Design product.  The product does not exist and is more than likely a way to just deprive you of your hard earned cash by some very dishonest people.


Please do not support these people.